Financial Fails Friday: Week 1!

All over the FI space, I have noticed a trend of “Frugal Friday” posts where you highlight some especially frugal decisions that you made throughout the week that helps keep you on track towards your goal of financial independence.

I think this is a great idea, as it encourages people to stick to their goals, and gives creative ways they may not have thought of to save money.

But I wanted to develop a different take on this.

I find that no matter how much I try to save, and how much I plan … something happens.

These are the things I’m hoping to highlight every week.

Those speed bumps that we all meet that make it hard to keep on track and keep focused, but they happen to all of us.

Of course, I would love to hear any of the fails you’ve had in your life over the past week on your journey in the comments below!


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5 Apps I Use Every Day

I constantly find myself wondering what apps certain people use in their day-to-day. Will there be a difference between mine and other members of the FI community? How will mine differ from other business owners? etc.

Make sure to tell me some of your everyday apps in the comments below!

This is a short and quick article about what apps I use every day or almost every day1Not including social media, email, calendar, etc. (i.e stuff we all use every day).

It should also be noted that I will link to these apps, none of which are affiliate links. I use them daily purely because I love what they do!


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Financial Update for December 2018

I looked at all of my past financial updates when deciding what I wanted to do for my first financial update when I’m back, and after much deliberation, I decided that I would keep up what I established at the end.

So, rather than walking through every single transaction piece by piece right off the top I’m going to give some overviews first.

With that said, if there’s anything you want added to the overviews or any suggestions for changes I could make to make sure the posts are easily readable let me know.

So let’s get into my first financials back!


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7 Easy Ways to Save Money in 2019

2019 is Right Around the Corner


As I write this it is December 20, 2018 meaning that it is almost 2019. And with that, I plan to take all of the money saving techniques I have implemented in my life after the past several months and kick them into overdrive. In order to accomplish this, I have made a list of the 7 things that I will need to do to save even more money in 2019, and I would love for all of you to join me!


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I Needed a Change, Now I’m Back … A Thought Process

Where Have I Been?

The last post I made was my financial update for the middle of July. Several things have happened since then. With regards to Spending Done Right and with regards to me. So I’ll break it down and explain what happened and what will change.

Not wanting to simply write it off or make excuses I sat down the other day and tried to figure out what went wrong. It came down to one simple conclusion:


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10 Facts About Me and How I Got Here

I have been struggling with making an article similar to this for a while now, but I figure it’s time to give a peek behind the curtain and share some facts about myself and how I got to this point.

So here we go!


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3 Life Lessons I Learned By Switching Website Hosts

For anyone who follows me on Twitter, you will have seen that I recently switched hosts for Spending Done Right. Originally I was with Hostgator, and now I’m with a small company named Setrahost1This is not an affiliate link, I make no money off of this link, but you should still check them out..

So why did I make this switch, and what did I learn? It breaks down into three key areas.


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